2018 The Bathory Files – book review

30th March 2019

Institute Series book #4 by Lora Edwards

“2018 The Bathory Files” is the fourth book in the “Institute Series” and so far my favourite. What can I say, once a vampire lover, always a vampire lover. I was waiting impatiently for this book since the first of January and the moment it was out I devoured it with great satisfaction.

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There was nothing surprising in the 2018 Pathory Files, but if one has reached as far as book number four in the Institute Series, one really don’t expect to be surprised. At least I did not expect it. What I expected and what Lora Edwards delivered was a pleasant sorry about magic and vampires. It was a little teary at some places for my taste but other than that it was great. And…. I am in love with Armand.

2018 The Bathory Files by Lora Edwards is a book I downloaded for free from Kindle Unlimited. It took me about ten days to read it. The book was pleasant and was everything I expected it to be, but my lever was not very high about this one.
The rating I am giving the novel is:
Idea: 4 out of 5
Story-line: 4 out of 5
Editing: 4 out of 5
Twists: 3 out of 5
Total = Willingness to read more of the same author: almost 3.75 and having in mind that Armand is in this novel, this would probably be my last book in this series.

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