Broken Memory by J. Sharpe – book review

28th November 2020
Broken Memory by J.Sharpe

It has been some time since I last read a book that was free on Amazon, but I decided that it was time to give another unknown by me author a chance. That is how I stumbled upon Broken Memory by J. Sharpe.

In the preview, they state that this is book was nominated for the Harland Awards in 2015. They state that the book is a fast-paced thriller with some influence of horror and science-fiction. They say that it is a story about a man and a little girl, the man lakes in a different body in a strange place, where the few people still alive try to convince then that they are dead. In the preview, they also state that the book is full of twists and turns.

After reading Broken Memory by J. Sharpe though, I have a slightly different opinion about the book. You have to understand that I love a good thriller, or a good horror, or a good science-fiction book, but Broken Memory is non of those things. It is just a mess. A mess of a lot of ideas, which for lack of any other means were gathered together in one book. The story is illogical at places and it is not fast-paced so much, as it just jumps from one scene to another without any real connection between the episodes.

So, all that being said the rating I am giving the novel is:
Idea: 3 out of 5
Story-line: 3 out of 5
Editing: 5 out of 5
Twists: 3 out of 5
Total = Willingness to read more of the same author: 0. I am extremely happy that I did not pay for the book. I honestly did not like it and I finished it just from sheer stubbornness. I am definitely not going to read anything by J. Sharpe again any time soon.

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