Craig Russell – Blood Eagle

17th November 2020
Craig Russell

Today I am going to present to you an author, who is contemporary and who until recently was fairly new to me. His name is Craig Russell and I have just finished his first book: “Blood Eagle”.

So… let me tell you where it all began for me…

I was looking for a contemporary writer, who is still active and at the same time, who still has not written like a thousand books, on which there is no way for me to catch up. So I found Craig Russell.

I have to say that I am very lucky to be able to read his books in English since in my country only the first two of Russell’s books are published in my native language. But… I have strayed from the main topic yet again, or haven’t I? My blog is not Wikipedia, so I am not going to give you Mr Russell’s biography. You can Google that anytime. What I am going to give you is my impression on the writer so far.

I have to say that it is rare for me to be able to read someone’s very first novel. As far as I can see, “Blood Eagle” was Russell’s first novel. And it was good. It was very good. When I sometimes daydream that I became a famous writer, I imagine that my first book is that good. You can see that the main characters are a little unsure of themselves. You can see that the detective is smart but under a lot of pressure that affects his ability to connect the dots on time, which is only human. I liked that. I liked the fact that the detectives work as a team, and have feelings, and are not perfect, and forget, and can’t think of a genius solution from the top of their heads.

I really hope that the other books in the Jan Fabel series are that nicely written. I like the history, the myths and the additional facts and information, that given in the book. I learned a lot about Hamburg Police and German history. I only hope that the rest of the books are that good.

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